logged back into this account bc i had something saved in my drafts and wow where the fuck have all these new stendan blogs come from???

Anonymous: "Why not?"

guessing you’re asking why i’m not on here anymore and its bc i don’t watch the dumbass show this blog was made for, nor do i want to see/read any shit about it like i’m 50000% done with hollyoaks, not even sienna, leela or ste (without jp obvs) can keep me watching 

do you know what pisses me off? or rather who? stendan fans who only give a fuck about brendan/emmett. bet you anything that if kieron was the one who left and emmett stayed, they would have been made up that hollyoaks won best soap. same with stug fans who only care about doug/pj.


As much as I hate what Bryan Kirkwood does 95% of the time, I can’t help but be happy for the cast.

ok i just need to say something

right, as much as the show has pissed me off within the last year, i am still so fucking proud that hollyoaks won best soap. thy may have not deserved it for the majority of shit that has been on screen the past few months (or for what they’re about to show. you know what i’m talking about…..), but they deserve it for all the amazing storylines (ste and his mum, sienna, sinead losing katy etc) and for every other year where it has been fucking fab.

the cast are also super lovely (minus the odd few) and were so fucking happy. just wait until you see their reactions tonight. and when we started chanting for hollyoaks, they joined it and were over the moon, it was adorable. they work so hard and are such amazing people, they deserve to get recognition for once. 

so if you’re pissed off about them winning, you should have voted for another soap tbh, considering the majority of the fanbase voted within their hundreds, you should have done the same with eastenders for example if you were that against hollyoaks winning.

p.s if you voted for jeremy, santa ain’t bringing you any presents this year xo 

"a lot of the fans seem to be on board with them as a couple"

no james, young girls who like seeing two guys kiss, and stug fans who ship ste with anyone but brendan like mchay but that is it. ok.